Tips To Plan A Wedding On A Budget

Tips To Plan A Wedding On A Budget

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A wedding is a special day for the bride and groom. Most couples feel like they deserve the best on this day even if they are spending more than they can afford. Lavish weddings are almost always financed by loans and debts. After a special day most couples spend their following years paying back the debt they incurred for their wedding. The main cause for such a terrible misconception is the competition between families to host the best wedding of the year. But there are a few couples out there who want a simple intimate wedding function organized according to their affordability. They prioritize happiness over luxury. But hosting a wedding on a budget isn’t very easy because of the high costs involved and the expectations the couple is forced to meet. But here are some tips that may help the couple to plan and host their wedding with low expenses.

Low Cost Options
Choose your wedding supplies online in Australia according to your budget. Never exceed it. The wedding dress can be purchased from mediocre stores or during a seasonal sale. Although wedding dresses are extremely costly to purchase discounted prices can help save some money.

If your home isn’t an option to hold your wedding party choose a venue which doesn’t include extra charges for wedding occasions. Consider hiring a place owned by family, friends or even acquaintances so that they will reduce the amount charged. You can also opt for an outdoor venue since it is considered less expensive than indoors. You also have the option of public gardens and parks to celebrate this special day. Outdoor venues have the benefit of large areas therefore you are free to accommodate a large number of guests.

Before you start planning your wedding decoration keep in mind that simplicity can make your wedding very elegant. Rather than choosing expensive decorations choose less costly decorations. You can also find suppliers who offer discounts on products such as personalised wedding guest book and centrepieces. You can use food as a decoration which can later be consumed by the guests. This will reduce overall wastage.

Technology is very commonly used by almost every person. Make use of technology to reduce your costs. Instead of spending on invitations and postal charges opt for online invites or even emails. Your own laptop and stereo system can be used to play songs and entertain the guests. You can ask your friend to be in charge of playing the songs on your wedding rather than spending on a DJ.event-hire

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